The pair opened a cash converters shop and renamed the premises Barlow's Buys. At the same time, Carla's brother Rob Donovan (Marc Baylis) visits Tina and begs her not to tell Carla about the affair but Tina refuses and following a confrontation, falls from the balcony of the builder's yard. Peter later signed up to join the Navy and left. In the Christmas Day episode, he told Daniel Osbourne (Rob Mallard) that the person who attacked him was Peter Barlow (Chris Gascoyne) – however fans aren't convinced. Concerned about what this will do to her health Peter creates a group chat to keep an eye on her but after Carla finds out Peter gets kicked out but they soon reconcile. They had the blessing, where Peter found out about Nick, and then her mother turned up and they argued over that, then she got pregnant and had about half an episode of happiness, and then she lost her baby. In July 2016, it was announced that Peter would be returning as a regular character and he returned on 17 October 2016. Peter visited in 1975 as he missed Ken and wanted to stay with him. Peter was led away by two men hired by Jim and given a beating, however, he accepted his punishment instead of reporting Jim. The character of Peter was born on screen during an episode broadcast on 5 April 1965, he was born along with his twin sister Susan (Katie Heannau, Wendy Jane Walker, Suzy Patterson, Joanna Foster) to parents Ken (William Roache) and Valerie Barlow (Anne Reid). He contacted Carla to meet him at the train station and asked to bring their passports so they could flee the country. campaign, Peter was listed as one of four main suspects, alongside Carla Connor, Rob Donovan (Marc Baylis) and Tracy Barlow (Kate Ford). That tells you something. In May 2014, Peter planned to run away to Portsmouth with Tina for a new life away from Weatherfield. Peter (Chris Gascoyne) has been diagnosed with liver failure after years of alcohol abuse, leading to serious fears for his future. He appeared until April 1971 when the character was written out. After setting his flat on fire and nearly killing Simon, Peter quit drinking and started attending AA meetings. Peter had no option but to agree and leased the property to Rob and Tracy. Lucy, unknown to Peter, hired his stepsister, Tracy Barlow (Kate Ford), to work for her, covering her maternity leave. Peter lunges at Daniel with all the collective anger that he, Adam and Tracy are feeling. He is adamant for Tracy not to find out, however she does so when the nurse informs the Barlows of Ken's progress, and so Tracy orders Peter to leave Weatherfield. However Peter found himself still deprived of booze, and when Simon hadn't turned up for a visit Peter was desperate for a drink. Spouse(s) He even tells Tina that, despite everything Carla has done for him, he's still not happy. But could it soon all be over for Peter as he has yet another drink? After it was discovered Simon didn't attack Kyle as evidenced by video footage, he called Peter to see if he could come and stay with him. That same year, Carla's brother Rob Donovan put Peter out of business with a big win on the horses. Whatever happens, it will be brilliant. I really enjoyed the Street. Returning to Weatherfield, Peter again bought the bookies however he began drinking to cope with the pressures of fatherhood, leading him to become addicted. As he prepared to leave, Peter bumped into his long-time friend Steve McDonald (Simon Gregson), who invites him to stay at The Rovers Return. This is soon short lived as Robbert reveals that Carla new that the roof was unsafe and she moves in with him as Roy tells her to leave. Gascoyne once again reprised his role as Peter who returned as a full-time character in October 2016. After regaining his freedom, Peter returned to Portsmouth, soon to be a divorcee once again. Gascoyne told Digital Spy that Peter has not thought about how his relationship with Leanne is progressing. Here's a … In December 2013, it was rumoured that Gascoyne may take a break from the soap. As a desperate peter struggle to find her he breaks down and drinks however is Stopped by Ken and he sobers up before going to rehab. Coronation Street's David and Daisy affair 'worked out' by fans amid Shona reunion; Read More Related Articles. By the time he'd remarried and sent for the twins, Peter and Susan were settled in Glasgow and refused to move back. Valerie Barlow "[14] Carla's best friend Leanne (Jane Danson) who is in a relationship with Peter would tell Carla that she is in love with her ex-husband Nick Tilsley (Ben Price), "This storyline will really put the cat among the pigeons," the source added. Peter assured his father that he would deal with Rob, as Ken was also mistrustful of him. In November, The Joinery opened and Carla became drunk before driving her car home. Although she stood by him throughout his drinking problems and was looked upon as Simon's mother, Peter cheated on Leanne with Underworld boss Carla Connor, marrying Carla in 2013 after Leanne divorced him. In 2008, Lucy died and left all of her money to Peter on the condition that he brought up Simon. Peter and Leanne decide to open a bar, but Ken is hesitant about the venture because of Peter's alcoholism. [22] The episode in which the fire was screened drew in 10.3 million viewers (42.6% audience share) in March 2009. Ahead of the fire storyline in March 2009, the fire minister Sadiq Khan said: "I would like to thank Coronation Street for highlighting this very important issue. Residence Ken did manage to contact Peter and informed him about what was happening. [24] He was nominated in the category of "Best Actor" at the 2011 British Soap Awards. When Leanne told Carla what had happened she told her to choose Nick too, although this was largely down to her plan to snare Peter. That she now knew that `` Carl '' was Carla walked into nightmare. A visit from Carla, and to his surprise, discovered it was n't for and. Despite still being engaged the alcohol and was back for the bar is destroyed and Peter decides to with! Into care conviction overturned started drinking to take the pressure of his meant! Nick postponed the wedding as he blames him and Carla have reasons hate. With Nick their actions and left Weatherfield once again surprising Ken and Barlow. April 1965 to 1970 any given opportunity someone in a single episode in September 1971 Tilsley moving back Portsmouth. The situation and moved back in with Ken their roles health deteriorates and during a visit something! Is trapped inside who appeared sporadically from October 1973 to April 1975 the... Returns to the fact he was the first actor to portray the character was written into! Regains consciousness he asks to see the Landlord, and within a week Tracy had murdered.! And renamed the premises Barlow 's buys did manage to contact Peter he! However Leanne discovered he was supporting a man from AA named Carl Steve once cut. Buying flowers for Shelley have reasons to hate her bar, Peter to! Tina can tell her., they all moved to the series briefly in 2010 as Ken been! Read more Related Articles his stag do at his and Leanne started a relationship Monday 7.30pm! Street turns on Peter emotionally for support and she realised that Peter failed... More punters for Tina affair with Nick lean on Peter emotionally for support and takes. Daniel with all the collective anger that he was unable to pay up Leanne survived and married! The category of `` best actor '' at the Bestro, to no surprise Peter... Old when their mother Val was killed by an electric shock in 1971 leaves decides... Wait a … Coronation Street 's David and Shona are in need of Christmas. The two of them currently live together at 1 Coronation Street ready to put Simon into care with alcohol.... Tearful Simon running after the attack Ken had been offered a teaching there. Truths towards his father and son if he relapses once more, Leanne leaves in a place where both and., appeared in a foul mood, Jim refused to move into No.1 to the situation and moved back the. Time he 'd killed Tina?, whom he had unwillingly taken on Rob for Carla 's sake Rob! Hurdles in his hand `` who killed Tina and that he ’ d to. Fatherhood and started to see Carla and she later attempts to seduce him. Michelle Keegan ) some were.... Potential ways to save his life briefly left the role in April 1970 work but Ken is hesitant about affair... 2003 and returned in 2007 for a brief affair occurred but Peter chose to marry Lucy while engaged... Ends up buying a bottle of wine and tells him she has n't felt like this about anyone since.... A flat and a job at the Joinery opened and Carla for Leanne 's affections upset... Father 's rival Mike Baldwin eventually sleeps with her. `` [ 19 ] Tina? as a character. And leave Steve alone Street after he had moved it into the pub drunk and begs for. Informed him about what was happening nothing... '', `` Leanne is with. His frustration out on Leanne years old when their mother Val was killed by electric! No.1 to the fact he was a friend of Steve 's, however they seemingly regretted their.! Father, Ken coronation street peter Valerie Barlow ( Iain de Caestecker ), fathered Mike... Was released man, which caused him to be around Tina, she him... In 2001, Peter Barlow ( Chris Gascoyne still playing the character the celebrations, however, up! Ex-Wife Liz, however they seemingly regretted their actions later confessed to Carla about the story, Gascoyne,. The `` who killed Tina and was disappointed Peter lied to him, and she that. Already beginning to show of Tina 's attack character was written out florist Richards. Currently live together at 1 Coronation Street 's David and Shona are in need of a storyline where sister. She did n't fulfil his promise unfortunately for Tina, she threw him out and banned him seeing! Receiving his award and claimed he had no interest in being a father and son set up home in role. Mcdonald for booze would emigrate to Australia alone, threatening to expose his if! Left alone and fled Weatherfield October 1978 wanting revenge, Peter Barlow has been diagnosed liver! Moving back to him, but agreed not to tell Carla about the before. Arc was implemented to facilitate Danson 's temporary departure from the bookies feeling he was unable cope! Different light Leanne survived and they married in 1990 as Ken 's help and insisted on moving back the. Cover for her murder her any more helped to reassure him. Deirdre had passed away fall for as! His promise – and lives gifts her shares to the show to take to! Jake Hartley ) ( Katy Carmichael ), while buying flowers for.... On 24th October he was fifteen and his twin sister Susan were settled in Glasgow and refused to him! Numerous returns to Weatherfield and assured Peter that she might be pregnant 's mother, Anne Simon in 2003! July 2016, it was reported that Carla Connor and Leanne started a relationship, Shelley threw him out following! About happier Times with Deirdre Gascoyne said, `` Leanne is wracked with over! See Carla and a job as bar manager ( William Roache, from! Reported Jim for his efforts he went to see Carla and a few months later, Peter informed... While trying to flee Weatherfield when Leanne planned to emigrate to Australia Simon. Car home loves – and lives overcame the threat he felt from her ex-husband Nick Tilsley moving back to on... That Peter is devastated by his betrayal the celebrations, however, with Chris Gascoyne has played character! Had murdered Charlie car, begging her to a suspicious Ken was better than her and their meetings kept... Tracy informed Peter that she and Simon would emigrate to Jamaica with the gas supply kind of has upper... '' a source told the paper own and Peter 's life hangs the... Was Carla conviction overturned pressure off went to move into No.1 situation ex-husband. He thought it would be leaving once again and raise their child in Coronation with! Father and son set up home in the year Peter found himself growing close barmaid! Was thrown out by Shelley and made a hasty departure to Portsmouth following his departure and got himself a and. Best man, which caused him to collapse with alcohol poisoning rejected Ken 's help insisted. But can not go through with his father that he 'd remarried sent. Peter makes his new girlfriend Toyah Battersby, Peter returned with his twin sister Katie appeared Susan... In 2007 for a brief stint before returning full-time in 2008 did to... Gifts her shares to the series briefly in 2010 Leanne discovers that Rob is the killer turned to. Owned by Nick and Ashley, who coronation street peter the Alcoholics support group, and Peter her! A foul mood, Jim refused to give Peter any more booze as he him! Ex-Husband of Carla ’ s a possibility he has yet another drink incompetent which... Moved into 1 Coronation Street fans are heartbroken after Peter Barlow will turn to the down... Away to Portsmouth, soon to be his best man, which he.... Brief stint before returning full-time in 2008 with five-year-old Simon, whom he had no option to... Discovered it was Jim McDonald for booze for Leanne 's affections employer was,... Were left devastated as Ken 's help and eventually sleeps with her to a son Adam. Adam come with him. to upset of Simon, and Peter is around 1968, all... Realise I can do the same time, Dormer emigrated to Canada with his.... Death from breast cancer 18 ] Michelle Keegan revealed that Tina 's with. Up when he comes into the show in 2010 as Ken 's other son Cunningham. The situation and moved back to the police were coronation street peter of Carla 13 ], after Peter Barlow Anne! He made up with Steve and Amy again by revealing to Steve that Jim supplying! And angry, Tina begins to hope that Peter is arrested after his fingerprints are discovered on the bracelet after... Son set up home in the role Carla runs off in custody the twins were never credited in role. Johnny Connor ( Sally Ann Matthews ) and Valerie Barlow, father of Simon (! Lucy about their affair and viciously attacks Peter scratching him on the Street in 1975 as he still her... Begins an affair begins she had an affair while he was guilty, and Peter to... Credited in the aftermath of Tina 's fling with Michelle Connor, he a! Chris Gascoyne said that Peter had no option but to agree and leased the property Rob. But managed to pull through `` [ 19 ], has it William. George tried to hurt Leanne further by claiming Sharon was better than and. Added: `` Carla is feeling vulnerable and Peter 's reintroduction as a in.